Healing is possible, even when curing isn't.


Your values are rooted in nature and community.

You know that illness, death and loss are an important part of your spiritual journey.

Your family or community needs help finding a healing path through death. 

Take heart. You’ve come to the right place.

Sarah Kerr, Death Midwife Calgary


I’m Sarah, and I’d be honoured to walk with you and your loved ones through an experiences of illness, death or loss.

Whether you’re struggling with a life-limiting diagnosis, or an impending or recent death of any sort, I can help.

I support healthy, ill, dying, dead, and grieving people to meet death with an open heart. Together, we can find the medicine your souls needs.

Please get in touch if your family or community is dealing with death needs help integrating it.

With love,

Sarah Kerr, PhD

Death Midwife and Celebrant

I live in Calgary, Canada, and I work with people in person, and by phone or Skype.

Need help with life’s natural endings?


"Sarah’s down to earth, even though she’s also in touch with the spiritual realm in a way that most of us aren’t. And she’s able to go back and forth and bring people into that realm with her."
~Kate Y.

What is a death midwife?


The birth midwifery movement brought birth home and made it a more intimate, family-focussed experience. Death midwifery is doing the same, reclaiming death as a meaningful and sacred transition, for the dying person and those around them.

As a death midwife, I help you navigate in unfamiliar territory. I offer a stable presence when your life is turned upside down and you don't know where to turn or what to do. I facilitate conversations, gatherings, and rituals that help you and your family integrate the emotional, spiritual, and relational transformations that death brings.

"Sarah is one tall, cool drink of creative, intelligent competence. I didn’t expect to walk away from an exploration of death, dying and loss feeling invigorated, but that's exactly what occurred."
~Tere M.

How can I help?

Curious? Know you need some help, but not sure exactly what it looks like?
Give me a ring or send an email, and let's talk.

"I’m such a head-based person, such a rational kind of person, that in the past it’s been scary to pay money to people to do things when I can’t understand what they’re doing. But somehow doing this with Sarah helped open me up to feeling more safe in spiritual realms that my brain doesn’t understand."
~Gretchen Wegner

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