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Soul Medicine for Meeting Death

Finding your way through illness or death – for yourself or for those you love – is a profound rite of passage. These are natural processes, but they can be challenging. When we’re close to what’s happening, the loss can touch the depths of our souls. If that soul pain is not met with healing, it can last for a very long time.

Personally relevant spiritual practices and meaningful ceremonies can help us connect with our own soul wisdom, with our community, and with the larger sustaining powers of Spirit and Nature. When we align ourselves with what we hold sacred, the strength and healing we need becomes available.


Sarah Kerr, PhD
Death Midwife, Celebrant, and Spiritual Mentor

Healing can be found even when curing is not possible. I would be honoured to walk with you through your experiences of illness, death or loss.

Whether you’re struggling with an unresolved death from the past, an impending or recent diagnosis or death (for yourself or someone you care about), or want to heal your relationship with death in general, I can help.

I work with healthy, ill, dying, dead, and grieving people whose spirituality is rooted in nature and community. Together, we can find the medicine your soul needs.

I live in Calgary, Canada, and I work with people in person, and by phone and Skype.

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